How not to starve when the refrigerator breaks down

My world, as I see it

A broken refrigerator is a catastrophe especially when this happens in the summertime.  Here are some simple ideas that will prevent you for starving in case the problem isn’t solved quickly:

–          Eating out is a simple, yet expensive, solution. If you have no other choice and you have enough money, you can eat at the restaurant, fast food or even have a hot dog bought from the street. Desperate situation take desperate solutions.

–          Your mother or other female relative lives nearby? Perfect! Who would abandon a hungry relative in need?  It’s free too.  Benefit as much as possible from such Good Samaritans.

–          The less expensive solution: stay at home, eat junk food, and drink junk drinks and wait for the the guy who repairs refrigerators to come and save you.

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